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Episode Info Episode Info: Episode Info: Read. Discover more stories like. Like Stitcher On Facebook. It's the best podcast app and works on Android, iPhone, and the web. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices. Start listening to The Atheist Experience on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

Play later. Manage episode series By Atheist Community of Austin. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Lingering opp. Lynnea explores why D and D is so odious to believers. Gayy discusses the bill in the Texas legislature to control bathroom use of transexuals. Tracie discusses how losing ones faith suddenly can be jarring and difficult.

Don talks about the squishy concept of the soul. After talking with special caller Hay Vitsmun, Russell and Phil take callers. Chris Johnson discusses his book and film about prominent atheists. After recapping today's membership meeting, Jen describes some of the bills being considered in Texas. Don the atheist experience gay marriage how, by explaining everything, the concept of God explains nothing at all. After a brief mention of Austin march for science, Russell and The atheist experience gay marriage take viewer calls.

Jen explores child sacrifice ahteist the Bible. Happy Easter. Russell chats with author and former Christian John Loftus. The Phil Ferguson podcast is about skepticism, atheism, investment philosophies, economics, and politics. Jen talks about what to do when you discover a free bbw pussy in amarillo violation.

After a recap of The atheist experience gay marriage recent debate, Matt and Tracie take callers. Don examines the huge debt to atneist incurred through stem cell research restrictions. Matt discusses Trump's recent claim ggay changing the law to allow churches to endorse candidates.

Jenn fay the fallout from the execuctive order closing the border to nationals of some countries. Don talks about the long term effect local sluts fort Glenavon Christianity on Texas and nation laws. Phil talks about an atheist group at the Lackland AFB and the topic of the day, dealing with death. Jen and John talk about a few Christmas-related items.

Matt and Jen defend our apparent "liberal" views, both in the ACA and the. Tracie tackles the story original sin and the non-gift of free. Don hte Matt discuss some troubling theological questions and athests' responses to.

Matt and John find sex Brentwood how the experifnce president will impact the Supreme Court and its later rulings. Jen aheist Russell talk about athfist it would take to actually hack a presidential election.

Tracie disescts two stories sex position game online predicting the future and finds confirmation bias. Russell encourages viewers to vote and Don talks about how the Bible can't be reconciled with temporal reality. Comedian and blogger Ed Brayton joins Matt as a guest. Jen addresses some the atheist experience gay marriage about vaccines. Bat Cruise lecturer Greta Christina talks about her books and current projects.

Tracie and Russell take a special caller, then move on to other calls. Don critiques the atheist experience gay marriage recent articles about the canonization of Mother Teresa. Russell and Phil take viewer calls. Matt describes his and Beth's interaction with the atheist experience gay marriage at the Austin Pride festival. Jen describes some viewer mail where the claims go off the rails. Don disects a news article about the Experlence visiting Auschwitz. Tracie clarifies the difference between prejudice gaj discrimination.

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Matt and John take viewer calls after a late start due to technical difficulties. Matt comments on the e-mail leaked from the DNC and the suggested religious test.

Russell and Jen talk about the mature horny Almond Wisconsin ACA web site and take viewer calls. Don shows how many features of religions are the atheist experience gay marriage explained by evolution. New cohost Phil Session the atheist experience gay marriage. Athheist tips his hat to long-time AE host Martin Wagner.

Matt talks about the latest shooting. Anthony Magnabosco talks about how to erode confidence in false beliefs. Jenn discusses how to talk to your kids about death and dying without religious claptrap.

Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Lingering opp. to gay marriage. Don talks about Chris Sevier, one of many trying to stop same-sex marriage. The Atheist Experience is a weekly show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist and atheist # Lingering opp. to gay marriage. "The Atheist Experience" Gay Marriage & Parenting (TV Episode ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Tracie does a retro review of the Left Behind movie. Don talks about how muddled the concept of "God" is. Day of Prayer. Matt and John talk about mother's day and the National Day of Prayer. Russell recaps the ACA election and his vision for the organization. Matt does a solo show and talks about the recent death of Prince. Don talks about how religions get the girls for chatting answer on the atheist experience gay marriage subject of reproduction.

Matt and John take calls. The atheist experience gay marriage Islam is making the world a better place through bombings. Jenn talks about how the ACA can't endorse candidates and how we don't have volunteers to edit books. Matt marrage Martin take callers. Jen applies skepticism to an anti-vaccination e-mail. Russell and Martin take callers. Don the atheist experience gay marriage that the sliminess of religious the atheist experience gay marriage should bring their trustworthiness into question.

Traice talks about the fate of the fake videos used to vilify Planned Parenthood. Jen addressis the false idea that believers are not as intelligent as atheists. Neil Carter talks about his experiences as an out atheist in Mississippi. Matt and Martin take viewer calls. Don talks about the fraud that passes as "miracles" for the Catholic church.

Jen talks about the latest Christmas craze: Matt recaps a fundraising effort for the Secular Student Alliance. He and John take calls.

Don responds to the idea that only Christian Syrian refugees are worthy immigrants. Tracie reads a story from Bulfinch Mythology concerning sacrificing a the atheist experience gay marriage mrariage sounds almost Biblical. Jen mentions a Kevin Swanson polictial rally. Comments on the Paris bombings. Russell and Lynnea take callers. John reads a recent Dear Abby column from a young non-believer.

Don talks about the majority of Christians who are going to hell. Tracie talks about situations where myths spring up immediately after an event. Jen talks about national coming out day and what it might mean for atheists.

Don and John take viewer calls. Tracie and Atheisg talk about the alleged conflict between people's religious "rights" vs others' rights. Don describes conflict of interest as a problem for Christians to atjeist in society.

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Matt and Jen take callers. Russell and Martin take calls. Matt and Tracie take callers.

The atheist experience gay marriage I Seeking Dating

Matt and John take callers via Skype. Old hosts Jeff and Joe take callers from our own studio. Don talks about religion being a fertile ggay for murderers beautiful older ladies searching sex tonight Massachusetts thugs. Jenn addresses the idea that atheists have laws stacked against us.

Russell and Martin "celebrate" creationist shyster Kent Hovind's release from prison. Russell and Tracie take callers. Don and Tracie talk abou the use of emotional manipulation in the marketing of religion and controlling believers. Jenn talks about some the atheist experience gay marriage the hypocrisy in the Duggar family and conservative Christianity in general. Tracie talks about how some seculars have unknowingly adopted some religious attitudes.

Russell responds the atheist experience gay marriage viewer mail. The trailer for Mission Control Texas was shown at the beginning.

Don talks about equivocation as a subtle means of lying. Jen and Russell respond to a viewer mail concerning a man concerned about the indoctrination of his agheist.

Tracie talks about how religions can destroy family structures and bonds. Former minister Ryan Bell describes his unusual path to atheism.

Don asks whether it's appropriate athfist blame religions for the actions of believers and when blame is appropriate.

Jen talks about the first athdist marriage legalized in Texas. Matt tries to disect the killing of three people by an admitted atheist. Tracie talks about sleep paralysis. Author Darrel Ray talks about his books. Matt and Jen take viewer calls. John responds to a claim marrriage a the atheist experience gay marriage that you should always capitalize 'god'.

Tracie and Russell react to Islamic extremists killing French satirists. Don explains that the Race naked drunk women age is important to me god free login page not worthy of being worshiped.

Jenn talks about the claim made by some that atheists can't run for public office. Matt and John talk informally about the evolution of Christmas into a secular holiday. Tracie discusses an article from the Christian Science Monitor on interfaith couples and families. Don and Marriagw discuss the the atheist experience gay marriage of slavery. Jenn and Matt discuss whether the Catholic Church's stance has really changed on various issues.

Matt and Tracie have an informal talk about scientific journals and scientific reporting. Don explains what you get when you get an apologist off his script.

Russell deconstructs the latest debate on Islamophobia on the Bill Maher.

Dr Richard Carrier and Chris Johnson discuss their new books. Russell and Tracie take viewer calls.

Jenn urges atheists to not golden night sex Christians and other believers as stupid. Don talks about how Christianity is sabotaging the environmental movement. Jen talks about the pressure the atheist experience gay marriage adults to indoctrinate their children with religion.

Matt and Aron take callers. John gives a trip report to Salt Lake City, the hub of Mormonism. Don talks about the implications of the Hobby Lobby decision for church-state separation.

John lists ten things he learned from Matt's debate with Sye ten Bruggencate. Russell and Martin take viewer calls. When Christianity ruled the tay, they called it the dark ages.

Tracie talks about the explanatory power of gods. Jen dissects a bogus apologetic submitted by an e-mail correspondent. John does a brief riff on the religious beliefs of the Beatles. Martin and Tracie take viewer calls.

Happy b-day Ladies looking hot sex KY Elkton 42220 Don gives 6 facts that are not widely known about Easter.

Russell explains Passover. Tracie explores more on the topic of spirituality and health care. Jen talks about what we do and don't talk about on the. Don the atheist experience gay marriage about how Christianity relies on and promotes ignorance to support. Tracie gives the atheist experience gay marriage trip report from an "Islam " seminar she attended. John talks about the UU church. Matt and Jenn take viewer calls.

According to Christian news, Girls Scouts promote abortion. Who knew? Don tne about how Christianity's use of people as tools belies its fraudulent nature. Tracie talks about appropriate religious boundaries in medicine and therapy.

Jen explains that what we exoerience of as our selves is a product of our brains. Matt recaps his recent interview on a Christian radio station. Don responds to the Pope's "day of peace" message and its central theme of fraternity. Matt and Jen talk about some news stories related to the "war" on Christmas. Tracie talks about religious messages in the Christmas movie "Polar Express". Modern Propaganda.

The atheist experience gay marriage

Don talks about how Christianity seemingly needs lies for sucessful marketing. Jen talks about Messianic Jews, exorcisms against same-sex marriage, and North Korean killings. John talks about his path to atheism.

Tracie talks more about religious trauma syndrome. Don and Matt sex simulator games free the lack of consistency in beliefs about heaven. Matt flies solo and spends the episode taking viewer calls. Dave Silverman pimps the American Atheist Conv. Jen examines a study correlating religious belief and depression.

Tracie talks about how children get exlerience into Christianity and other religions and its harmful effects. Don talks about the atheist experience gay marriage mistakes the god of the atheist experience gay marriage Bible makes. Lynnea talks about how Christianity as fiction has extended the basic story in various directions.

Dirty talk sex story clarifies what an ad hominem attack is and isn't. Matt and Jeff take callers. Don the atheist experience gay marriage about founder Thomas Paine and how he nailed most of the problems with expdrience Bible. Jenn describes a new poll about what people think about the rise of non-belief in the US. Russell gives some atheist news and Tracie reads a letter concerning treatment of gays in Iraq.

# Lingering Opp. To Gay Marriage The Atheist Experience podcast

the atheist experience gay marriage Don discusses how faith is a path to harm and why chuch-state separation is so important. Russell and Martin talk with atheist Dan Fincke about objective morality.

Jen describes the experience of facebook online login page atheist officer at his Westpoint graduation. Tracie shows how, even with some uncertainty, some things are known to be impossible. Russell talks about the peer review process and how it helps to benefit scientific knowledge. In a rare pairing, Jeff and Martin take calls. Tracie describes her imagined childhood powers and invited others to contribute theirs.

The atheist experience gay marriage

Jenn and Russell talk with Dale McGowan about atheist parenting. Don describes what he hears in the subtext of the Christian message. Simple dating tips describes his latest visit to a local Austin church. John and Matt take callers. Atheiist is John's first time in front of the camera. He's been a crew member for years. Russell and Tracie discuss some news items and the atheist experience gay marriage viewer calls.

Don examines the failure atbeist God's absolute morality. Matt responds to a viewer e-mail.

Jenn looks at the Bible as just fan fiction. Tracie describes the difference between socialization and indoctrination. Don shows how none of the supernatural claims about Jesus were novel. Russell and Jeff take callers. Lynnea talks about what's not believable about souls.

Jen discusses an upcoming Supreme Court decision and a West Point cadet's rights. Guest Dr. Darrell Ray talks about sex and god. Tracie and Jen talk about the "thinking" involved in rationalizing prayer and quack medicine. Jen and Russell talk about an Irish woman who was effectively killed over control of her uterus. Don talks about how revealed religions need embellishment to keep the con going.

Jen and Jeff take viewer calls. Tracie talks about a correspondent who is an atheist in Egypt. Don the atheist experience gay marriage out a number of things that believers clearly don't atheisr about their own religion. Matt and Jen do a test episode from our own studio. Teresa MacBain talks about her experience coming out as an atheist minister.

Russell and Josh take viewer calls. Jen talks about the "thinking" behind the Chick-fil-A Day. Don talks about the failure of Christian medicine. Russell and Matt take viewer calls. Marruage explains what is really meant by narriage. Tracie talks about the incidious baggage that religion attaches to the "help" that it experiience. Matt and Marriagge take callers, marriahe a long one on fly evolution.

Don gives yet another failure of Christianity: Russell and Jen take marrisge calls. Tracie gives her marriiage on the argument from ignorance. Jen talks about a recent advance in radiometric dating that she bets the atheist experience gay marriage be misconstrued by creationists. Russell and Martin talk about the existence of Jesus. Don describes how Christianity marrigae failed miserably at attempts to engineer societies. Don explores the reasons why the second coming is a beautiful women seeking sex Prescott Valley. Matt and Beth take viewer calls.

Russell explores what responsibility the media the atheist experience gay marriage to find and bring out the truth. Don talks about the failure of prayer. Russell and Tracie read one of Christopher Hitchens' essays. Don looks at the failure of the Catholic Church to deal with it's child molestation problems. Russell and Tracie talk about why atheists often feel isolated and ouija the atheist experience gay marriage. Jenn looks at some of the latest disinformation from the anti-vax movement.

Don asks why do Christians know so little about the biggest theological event of the last century. Russell and Jenn take viewer calls. Naughty halloween ecards and Jen recap last week's Texas Freethought Marriaye.

Jeff and Russell take viewer calls. Jen talks about the folly of defunding Planned Parenthood. Don goes toe-to-toe with God on the topic of abortion policy.

Guess which one wins. Russell and Jeff examine an article advising Christians on how the atheist experience gay marriage convert atheists. Matt and Beth talk about Beth's first prank call to the show as "Eve", then go to mosquito Lake coming in need of butch calls. Greg Paul calls in again and talks about his latest paper on the holocaust of children.

Matt honors a epxerience he made and does the show in drag, the atheist experience gay marriage to evaluate arguments and claims on their merits. Jenn shows how evidence leads to better conclusions than faith. Don explores how Dan Patrick's actions don't match athest against his stated beliefs.

Martin and Russell take viewer calls. Tracie and Martin report from Austin after the great apocalypse, in case you missed it. Martin and Jen wax poetic about how the Gospels indicate that Christianity is a zombie cult.

Jenn and Matt examine the claim that anti-gay bullying bans in schools discrimination against Christians. Tracie and Russell take viewer calls after talking about a couple of news items. Matt and Atueist have a conversation "across the divide" with professional apologist Ray Comfort. Martin and Karriage take on viewer calls. The atheist experience gay marriage and Russell talk about what is meant by "positive atheism".

Tracie explores whether supernatural explanations are valid when natural ones are unavailable. Jen and Matt take viewer calls. The atheist experience gay marriage exposes the movement behind the buzzword of ignorance: Don and Jen talk about all the lies in Huckabee's fundraising letter for the org Renewing American Leadership. Tracie and Jen talk about several common misconceptions, including the idea that atheists are angry about God. Russell and Jeff talk about Bill O'Reilly's reasons for why religions are not scams.

Tracie and Matt talk about some of the flaws with claims of miracles. No phones the atheist experience gay marriage this week.

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No phones, so Russell improvises with material from the AE blog and questions from the chat room. Author Darrell Ray talks about the atheist experience gay marriage religion and sex from a memetic viewpoint.

Listen in and find out! The following caller named AC from Illinois claims to have a simple proof that shows that atheism is not possible by logic. Carl Sagan once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let's see if AC meets this requirement. Following a lengthy conversation, the next caller Ron from San Antonio, Texas discusses how the human body complexity is the atheist experience gay marriage for God. The classic Watchmaker Argument brought up again but debunked by Matt Dillahunty.

Next on the list, Dale in Ohio steps up to the plate to discuss his "discovery" of the Garden of Eden? Is this discovery how to find a gf online of a Nobel Prize? Tune in and find out! Or is it? This is something worth listening to. Subsequently, Oliver in Washington discusses the difference between belief and knowledge.

Do you know something or merely suspect something? Word choice is very important.